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better CTR*


lower CPM**

AdRoll Pro saves us so much time. We’re able to see all of our campaigns, whereas before we’d have to go back and forth between profiles and spreadsheets. Now, we can stay on top of everything, making sure that we can tackle both long and short campaigns and are always efficiently managing budgets.

—Zaundra Butler
Senior Digital Media Specialist at Spectra, Ticketing & Fan Engagement

Client Management, Simplified

After expanding their marketing agency services, Spectra wanted help keeping track of their clients. They needed a powerful yet intuitive tool that would help them manage all their multiple campaigns.

Performance Marketing At Scale

While Spectra had been effective using AdRoll Retargeting for years, they were interested in innovative tools that would save time and boost results. So they jumped at the chance to try AdRoll’s agency solution, AdRoll Pro, giving them access to a new dashboard and specialized features.

“AdRoll Pro saves us so much time,” said Zaundra Butler, Ticketing & Fan Engagement Senior Digital Media Specialist at Spectra. “We can stay on top of everything, making sure that we can tackle both long and short campaigns and are always efficiently managing budgets.”

Not only did the new dashboard make things easier, but it also gave them the performance they loved.

“Adding Pro has been a really easy and trackable way to increase sales,” said Butler. “The biggest benefits of the Pro solution are control and flexibility. Within the dashboard itself, we have the ability to control everything on behalf of our clients. We’re not dealing with a middle man.”

Time Saved and Dollars Spent

That extra time gained with AdRoll Pro came in handy when running a campaign for Spectra customer, PMI Entertainment.

PMI was seeing great results promoting a Journey concert, so they decided to double the campaign budget with just a week and a half left in the campaign flight.

With their new tools to track spend, Spectra could easily manage the projected budget fulfillment—keeping PMI updated on all progress and making adjustments to stay on schedule. In the past, they would have had to track everything in spreadsheets that needed to be manually updated.

As a result, Spectra trended at 99% budget fulfillment and exceeded the customer’s expectation for the campaign.

“We see the AdRoll team as an extension of our team—they’re always quick to jump in and listen to our ideas,” said Butler. “We’ve been happy to see a lot of of our product feedback come to life with the addition of AdRoll Pro. Together, we have grown relationship-wise and campaign-wise.”

About Spectra

Spectra is a leader in ticketing, fundraising, marketing, analytics, and technology solutions. Spectra has over 35 years of experience powering more than 500 live entertainment organizations that sell over 120 million tickets per year.

*Comparing all-time average CTR for Spectra clients to the global display average in the Google Display Benchmark for October 2016 - March 2017
** Comparing all-time average CPM for Spectra clients to the average display ad CPM reported in the IAB/PwC Internet Advertising Revenue Report 2015

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