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We know our AdRoll campaigns help us reach the highest quality audiences possible. Before AdRoll, we were not re-engaging site visitors. Now, we are seeing an increase in brand search and a conversion lift, which we can attribute back to AdRoll.

—David Goodman
Digital Marketing Manager, Social Tables

An event to remember: outperforming the plan

Social Tables had healthy website traffic, but visitors were not being re-engaged after their initial visit. With leads drying up, the company needed a retargeting solution.

Setting the table for the highest conversion rate

AdRoll’s Retargeting on the web and Retargeting on Facebook campaigns have boasted the highest overall conversion rate among any of Social Tables’ digital marketing efforts. These campaigns have been hugely successful in helping them achieve their goals of gaining more leads and conversions. In early 2016, the campaigns hit an overall CPA of $21.78. Most impressively, they’ve maintained a .28% CTR for Facebook ads and a .20% CTR for web ads, which outperforms the industry average by double. So far this year, web and Facebook campaigns have driven nearly 1,900 leads to Social Tables.

Additionally, AdRoll is generating leads at a CPL that is 42% lower than their average non-AdRoll CPL. “The AdRoll leads are converting into revenue at a higher rate than any other advertising vendor we are working with.,” says digital marketing manager David Goodman.

Catering to success and securing more campaigns

Thanks to its success with AdRoll, the Social Tables team is now looking to test more campaigns to find new ways to bring leads down the funnel.

“I had success with AdRoll at a previous agency, so it was the first thing I implemented when I joined Social Tables,” says Goodman. “The customer support, client management, reporting, and user interface are all great. AdRoll integrates wonderfully with Facebook and Instagram which is very helpful for us.”

“We are at a point now that when we’re investing money into our AdRoll campaigns, we know we are hitting our highest quality audience possible.”

About Social Tables

Social Tables makes top-ranked software that allows event planners and venues to more easily work together online. Its collaborative platform has planned over 1 million events and is used by over 3,500 customers.

*as of April 2016

AdRoll is the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platform.

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