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Sales lift

Retargeting with AdRoll is an important part of our marketing mix and helps us achieve our KPIs.

—Katherine Mamontoff
Corporate e-Commerce Manager, Clinique Australia

The beauty of personalised ads

With so many new products to promote, Clinique Australia had as many messages as they had customers. AdRoll gave them support at scale.

Clinique’s custom ad solution

To meet Clinique’s demand for personalised ads at scale, AdRoll created dynamic ad campaigns that feature recommendations based on the products visitors viewed on Clinique's Australian site.

Clinique’s Australian corporate e-commerce manager, Katherine Mamontoff, explains: “At Clinique, we’re always looking for new ways to connect with our customers. AdRoll gave us some clever ways to re-engage our customers—beyond just retargeting for check-out or product page abandonment. Their dynamic creative lets us automatically change our ads depending on the products the customer has visited. It’s allowed us to create custom ads at scale and the campaign is succeeding. With this campaign alone, we’re seeing a strong 14x return on average spend.”

Success from smarter bidding

Clinique Australia understands the importance of advertising to their customers at the right time with the right message. They depend on AdRoll’s advanced bidding algorithm to naturally adjust bids based on each website visitor’s buyer intent signals.

AdRoll’s algorithm allowed Clinique Australia to cherry-pick the most prominent, cost-effective ads across the internet’s premier sites, beauty blogs and Facebook. When they added a Facebook retargeting campaign to their current digital strategy, Clinique’s Australian online sales from retargeting increased over 265%. Mamontoff comments, “AdRoll plays a key part in our strategy for reengaging our customers, and we’re excited to continue working with them to innovate on our digital marketing strategy.”

About Clinique Australia

Clinique Australia creates high-end skincare and beauty products with a focus on quality, luxury, and the personalized in-store makeup consultations.

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