Attract new audiences with AdRoll Prospecting.

Powered by the IntentMap™, the largest advertiser data co-op in the world.


How AdRoll Prospecting Works

Your website’s customer behavior is analyzed.

We find new audiences similar to your existing customers in the IntentMap™.

These new audiences see your ads and click through to your website.

How AdRoll Prospecting is Unique

1.2+ billion digital profiles

Tap into the IntentMap™, the world's largest advertising data co-op, to reach audiences that are in-market for your offering

Full-funnel marketing

AdRoll Prospecting and AdRoll Retargeting work more effectively in tandem to attract and convert customers.

Powerful machine-learning

Over time, AdRoll Prospecting calibrates and becomes increasingly precise.

Transparent reporting

We don't hide performance, so you can monitor how Prospecting and Retargeting perform individually and together.

Data science, not assumptions

AdRoll Prospecting uses your existing customer data to find new, high-value prospects.

Case Studies


“Prospecting is great for filling the top of the sales funnel and complements AdRoll’s retargeting capabilities.”

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“AdRoll helps us promote our programs and see results right away.”

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How Shiekh Shoes Lifted ROI by 20%

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