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1. Bring Your Brand Stories to Life with Video Ads!

You can now easily upload video ads into new or existing Web and Facebook campaigns! Video ads offer a unique way to engage with your audience in a meaningful way.

You can use AdRoll Video Ads throughout your entire customer journey to:

  • Connect with new audiences by adding AdRoll Video Ads to your prospecting campaigns.
  • Reconnect with current and potential customers by adding AdRoll Video Ads to your retargeting campaigns.
  • Deepen connections with increased brand awareness and understanding of your products.

How do I launch my video ads?

There are two types of video ads for the general Web: in-stream and out-stream.

Out-stream video ads appear outside of any streaming content, similar to standard display ads.

In-stream video ads appear within the context of the streaming video.

You can launch video ads for both your retargeting and prospecting campaigns directly from your Campaign dashboard. To learn more about video requirements and placements, check out this Help Centre article.

2. Identify the Videos Captivating Your Target Audience

Want to see how your video creative is performing against other campaigns?

In your Campaigns dashboard, you can now select ‘Video Engagement’ from the “Columns” dropdown. From here, you can view and analyse video performance by Spend, Impressions, Completed View Rate, and Video Views to 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.

Use these video performance metrics to understand which segments are only watching the first 25%, compared to those who watched the video all the way through. You’ll be able to uncover performance trends and identify which video strategies are working and which need some more fine-tuning.

Pro Tip: if you’re seeing conversion segments only engaging with your video 25%, consider shortening the video length. Studies have shown ads under 30 seconds drive the highest view rates and video completions.

Need tips on getting started with your 2019 video strategy? We’ve got you covered! Check out our blog post on surefire ways to make your video campaigns a success.

3. Set Promotion End Dates for Your Countdown Dynamic Web Ads

Personalise your promotions using dynamic ads featuring a countdown timer with customisable end dates. You can now select an end date for the countdown timer template, which will remove the timer from your dynamic ad and ensure that your promotion campaigns are always up-to-date with your current offering.

How to set an end date for your countdown timer:

  • Visit your Campaigns Dashboard
  • Select ‘Create Campaign’ or edit an existing campaign
  • Click ‘Create’
  • Scroll down to the ‘Web Dynamic Product Ads’ section
  • Under ‘Theme’ choose the ‘Countdown Timer’ template
  • Select an end date and you’re done!

This feature is available to all AdRoll customers with a configured product feed. If you need help getting started with your product feed, check out this step-by-step guide.


1. Analyse Campaign Goal Performance

You can now filter and view attribution performance, based on Email, Prospecting, or Retargeting marketing tactics. You’ll find this in the new Products dropdown, within the AdRoll section of the Attribution Dashboard.

Using the ‘Products’ dropdown, select Email, Prospecting, and Retargeting to:

  • Uncover baseline performance metrics and understand the top performing campaigns, ad groups, and ads by tactics.
  • Optimise more effectively, with insights into the top performing campaigns for each step of your marketing funnel, from awareness (Prospecting) to consideration (Retargeting, Email) to purchase.

For more website conversion insights, check out this blog post!

2. Get a Snapshot of Top Converting Ad Types

The Attribution Dashboard now provides enhanced views that allow you to drill down into your display, native, and video ad performance.

Get a quick overview of the ad types receiving the conversion credit, using your current attribution model. For example, see how your video ads are contributing to conversions, compared to your native and display ads.

3. Breakdown Conversion Paths by Ad Types

As a marketer, you want to know how different segments are engaging with your marketing mix.With the latest enhancements to your Attribution Dashboard, you can easily breakdown Conversion Paths by ‘Ad Type’ to:

  • Understand how shoppers engage with your display, native, and video ads, along the customer journey.
  • Analyse trends and fine-tune the ad types working in concert to efficiently optimize for the most conversions, highest average value order, and time to purchase.


Get Real-Time Alerts for Campaigns Missing Ad Sizes

Campaigns missing key Ad Formats are like sleeping giants that can hamper audience reach and limit spend. Triggering these unintentional caps on reach and spend directly impact the number of buyers engaging with your ads and potential conversions. Keeping track of every available format per campaign can be tedious and can easily go unnoticed.

We’ve introduced a notification in your Reporting Dashboard to surface active AdRoll Campaigns and Ad Groups with incomplete ad sets.

Campaigns View

Campaigns Ad View

By highlighting the campaigns and ad groups that need your immediate attention, you don’t have to leave money on the table. Instead, quickly complete those ad sets, and start maximising performance.

Little Gems

Meet Your New Settings Page

We’ve upgraded the look and feel of your settings page to speed load times and enhance your experience. There are a ton of new features and design updates. Let’s take a look!

A Sleek, Intuitive Interface with Smarter Categories

In an effort to streamline your workflow, Safari banner settings are now available, within the Opt-In settings.

More Visibility to Help You Follow the Money

The invoicing page has received a facelift.. You can now more clearly parse out daily account charges, rather than seeing daily charges nested by day within each campaign. Now, your account charges are surfaced in a table format you can easily filter by transaction type and sort by campaign or advertiser name.

Save Time on Internal Reporting with the Downloadable Payments Report

AdRoll customers who use automated invoices often have to report out on their spend and payments to internal departments or accountants. While customers could download PDF invoice files to access amount spent and when, because the PDF file is not interactive, the workflow to total up invoice information became cumbersome.

The new Downloadable Payments Report features an option to export payment reports in either a PDF or CSV file format. Now, you can do your internal accounting more easily—saving time and hassle.

Quickly Resolve Invalid IP Addresses & Domains

Your IP Exclusion and Domain Exclusion pages now notifies you which IPs and Domain were invalid. Gone are the days of searching for bad entries; instead, quickly view invalid IP addresses and domains.

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