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Reach your target audiences on top sites, social networks, personalised email, and beyond. AdRoll campaigns run across desktop and mobile inventory on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, AppNexus, OpenX, and 500+ leading networks and exchanges.

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With access to data from over 1.2 billion digital profiles, gain a clearer understanding of shoppers; making it easier to deliver customized experiences to your target audiences with our ad management software.

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Connect AdRoll to your e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Magento, and deliver dynamic ads that feature products in abandoned shopping carts, previously viewed products, and new recommendations.

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You’re only scratching the surface by measuring clicks and likes. AdRoll attribution gives you real-time insights into how your marketing channels work together. Don’t know what attribution is?

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I needed a platform that covered more than one channel. AdRoll helped me with not just display ads, but also social and email. It was really easy for me to show a return on investment, even as a one-man marketing department.

Ari Steinarsson


Reykjavik Excursions

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