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Retargeting helps us keep up to date with our girl once she discovers us.

—Michelle Harpin
President, Echo Club House

One small team. One unique brand powered by Shopify and AdRoll.

Echo Club House is a small growing company that earned a dedicated fanbase with their chic collections. But the team was lean on time and resources—that’s where Shopify and AdRoll became the obvious tools for success.

Dedicated fan base, but little time and budget

The vision of Echo Club House is to provide a fun online shopping experience for young shoppers who love a unique, affordable style. That vision struck a chord: the store’s #echobabe trend quickly gained fans on social media. But since the business was a team of two, they turned to platforms to help navigate their flourishing project. Michelle Harpin, President of Echo Club House, used Shopify to run her website’s behind-the-scenes. Then she turned to AdRoll as a potent, practical way to engage the site’s visitors with ad campaigns: “We’re a small company, which means one person is in charge of many different tasks, and Adroll makes it easier for us to get the job done without much work. You can't put price on efficiency when you run an online store!”

Keeping the conversation going with window shoppers

Above all, Echo Club House has found retargeting campaigns effective for keeping potential customers engaged. Harpin notes, “We don't have a ton of money to spend getting our name out there, but AdRoll has proven to be an effective way to keep the conversation going with our customers.” Echo Club House has been able to attract customers at different stages of purchase consideration customers through specific AdRoll campaign, such as general brand recognition ads, or a freeshipping promotions. The ad campaigns run on the web and Facebook for greater reach. In the end, this translates to driving higher customer awareness and clothing sales. Harpin states, “For us, the ROI on AdRoll can’t be beat!”

About Echo Club House

Echo Club House is an online apparel store for young women specializing in vintage pieces that highlight the 80s, 90s, 00s, and today.

AdRoll is the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platform.

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