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Instagram ROI

As an agile marketing team, we have to be mindful about what we’re putting dollars behind. With AdRoll, Instagram has proven an effective platform to promote product launches.

—Olympia Scott
e-Commerce Manager, DL1961

The Perfect Fit—and Never Outgrown

A rapidly growing company, DL1961 partnered with AdRoll to create a strong marketing strategy and ensure their brand’s continued success.

Snapping up followers

To guide shoppers through the buying process, DL1961 looks to AdRoll. When they heard that Instagram was a new, virtually untapped source of premium inventory, they wanted to see how it would mesh with their existing advertising strategy.

DL1961’s campaigns integrated seamlessly with Instagram feeds, engaging new followers with branded content. Consistent with their other AdRoll-designed creative, DL1961’s Instagram ads drew in customers with beautifully crafted shots. Not only were the ads on-brand, they were right on the money: AdRoll for Instagram yielded a hefty 14% of nearly 2,000 total conversions.

Buttoning up their strategy

DL1961 has always been impressed by the performance of their AdRoll Retargeting campaigns. Yet, like other online retailers, they’re always looking for new ways to expand their reach and find a fresh way to engage with audiences. AdRoll for Instagram proved a smart choice—and it’s now a permanent part of their overall strategy.

"The performance of the AdRoll for Instagram beta has been great so far,” says Olympia Scott, e-commerce manager at DL1961. “With Instagram, you get a better picture of where your brand sits; which customers are engaged and looking at similar brands; and who the influencers are,” explains Scott. “You gain brand exposure in a whole new way.”

About DL1961

Driven by a mission to create the perfect-fitting jean, NYC-based DL1961 makes jeans that can be worn 24/7 while looking effortless, chic, and stylish.

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