Case Study | Industry: Retail

Products Used: AdRoll Retargeting, AdRoll Prospecting


Holiday Dynamic Creative ROI


Non-holiday Dynamic Creative ROI


Non-holiday Conversion Rate


Static Ads Conversion Rate

With the power of AdRoll across mobile, social, and the web, we've been able to capitalize on our new brand partnerships, sales, and holiday initiatives.

—Jesse Adams
COO and Head of Finance, Beyond Yoga

A Flexible Strategy for the Future

Experiencing huge growth, Beyond Yoga needed to create a strong digital-marketing backbone to further their brand expansion—and success.

Trusting in their mantra of open-mindedness

Partnering with AdRoll was an easy decision: “Our goal is to engage customers with the right ads across platforms and devices,” says Jesse Adams, COO and head of finance at Beyond Yoga. They invested heavily in proven cross-device mobile retargeting, but also became an early adopter of brand-new products and integrations, like AdRoll for Instagram.

Beyond Yoga implemented Dynamic Creative, which helped the team keep ads fresh and interesting to customers on Facebook and the web. Continuing to be fluid yet cohesive in their marketing, Beyond Yoga ran both dynamic and static ads, varied Facebook copy, and further strengthened their relationship with AdRoll.

Taking chances and achieving advertising nirvana

With clear goals and initiatives—and a willingness to explore new tactics—Beyond Yoga had a winning combination that helped AdRoll set them up for success. The payoff greatly outweighed any risks: during the holidays, Beyond Yoga’s dynamic creative earned them an incredible 30x return on investment, and AdRoll Prospecting on the web boosted conversions on their retargeting campaigns.

About Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga promotes a healthy outlook and a realistic life perspective. Their yoga-inspired clothing collection is crafted with love in the US.

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