Retarget the inbox with SendRoll

Triggered by browsing behaviour, SendRoll emails help win customers with personalised product recommendations, promotions, or cart reminders.


On average, SendRoll customers enjoyed open rates of 50–60% and click-through rates of 10–20%. That’s 2–3x the performance of an average email newsletter campaign.*

*Aggregate data from live SendRoll customers since April 2016. Comparison in relation to email benchmark data from Mailchimp.

How SendRoll works

A shopper visits your website and provides their email address (via newsletter signup, purchase, etc.).

SendRoll triggers a personalised email based on the shoppers behaviour on your website (ex: products viewed, basket abandonment, etc.).

Your SendRoll email brings the shopper back to your website and encourages them to complete a purchase.

How SendRoll is unique

Personalisation by rich data

Personalise emails with smarter product recommendations based on real-time browsing behaviour—not just on past purchases.

Full-funnel solution

Reach high-value web visitors where you know they’ll be: their inbox. Get a more direct line to a more likely customer.

Pay only if it works

You pay only £1 for every person who clicks through to your website from a SendRoll email. Plain and simple.

Easy sync with email tools

Complement your existing email marketing efforts by easily importing email templates, unsubscribe lists, and audience segments.

Fast set-up

Set up a campaign in minutes. Get started with performance-optimised email templates and your existing AdRoll audience segments. No code work necessary!

Case Studies


'I love the simplicity of SendRoll: it’s easy to use, quick to set up, and has a low price point. The benefits of the platform are significant, with an incredibly high return on investment.'

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“Customers don’t mind receiving multiple emails, as long as the content is relevant to them. They appreciate the specificity of the promotion. SendRoll helps by wrapping attention, relevancy, and trust in one email."

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