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Why AdRoll PaaS

Power your platform natively with the very best of AdRoll’s performance marketing technology, like prospecting, retargeting, and email.

Rent the AdRoll PaaS

  • Use our APIs to integrate AdRoll’s performance marketing solutions without having to build and maintain your own.

  • AdRoll PaaS offers flexibility and adaptability. Launch marketing strategies easily with a single API call, or use individual products for complete control.

Partners in Success

  • With over 35,000 customers and 10 years of experience, we are dedicated to offering strategic advice and training your teams to sell AdRoll products.

  • AdRoll PaaS developers are ready to help with onboarding and deployment.

Generate new revenue and grow your stack

  • Access a brand new revenue stream by integrating with AdRoll PaaS.

  • Complement your tech stack with AdRoll’s offerings.

  • Access AdRoll’s robust list of inventory partners, which includes 500 ad exchanges across the web, social, and mobile.

“For SMB e-commerce marketing customers, AdRoll and retargeting is an integral part of growing an online store. We recommend using AdRoll as part of our customers' marketing strategy to achieve the full suite of data-driven marketing analytics and automation needed to reach today’s multichannel online shopper. Working with AdRoll’s APIs, Springbot is able to provide web and social retargeting solutions including dynamic ads, a highly-requested personalization feature. When using social and web retargeting together, our stores experience a 73% improvement in conversions.”

Joe Reger
Co-Founder and CTO

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