Host(s): AdRoll, Hubspot, Marketing Week

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HubSpot and AdRoll: How to Attract Customers with Digital Advertising and Inbound Marketing

Webinar Highlights:
Inbound marketing is about creating content specifically tailored to attract the ideal customers for your brand and products. To improve your inbound marketing, digital advertising—such as display ads and retargeting—can be an effective tool to reach new audiences and reconnect with existing prospects and customers.

We’ve teamed up with HubSpot and Marketing Week, to deliver a webinar on how to bring digital advertising and retargeting into your inbound marketing efforts.

In this webinar, learn how to turn strangers into promoters for your business:

  • Understand the power of inbound marketing to continually attract quality prospects.
  • See how to create effective ads that support your retargeting efforts and pull the right people toward your company.
  • Identify where in the sales funnel different forms of ads are most compelling.