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The AdRoll account management team have been like an extension of the Hello Molly business... They have been instrumental in upskilling our team.

—Ena Eaton
Marketing Director, Hello Molly

Made-to-measure marketing, readymade results

In the saturated market of women’s apparel, lifestyle brand Hello Molly needed an effective way to stay in shopper’s sights and earn customer loyalty.

Ironing out a strategy, with seamless support

Looking to grow their customer base in Australia and the US, Hello Molly turned to AdRoll for a complete digital marketing strategy—and an organic working relationship. ‘We don’t come from a digital background and, therefore, we needed partners we could trust’, says Ena Eaton, marketing director at Hello Molly. AdRoll was a perfect fit. ‘The AdRoll account management team have been like an extension of the Hello Molly business, proactively reporting back to us on how to optimise, or reminding us of upcoming seasonal-campaign periods. They have been instrumental in upskilling our team.’

Refashioning passers-by into loyal regulars

To reach cart abandoners and potential buyers, Hello Molly retargets on Facebook and on the web using a combination of static and dynamic ads. Recently, they implemented AdRoll CRM Retargeting and began syncing their MailChimp customer relationship management (CRM) lists with their display ads. ‘AdRoll’s CRM product helped us let our current customers know about new arrivals’, explains Eaton. ‘Combined with our retargeting strategy, we were able to make sure that Hello Molly was always the first brand they thought of for new-season fashion.’ After implementing CRM Retargeting, Hello Molly saw increased customer loyalty across all channels—and garnered an impressive 12x return on investment (ROI).

About Hello Molly

Stocked with the latest fashions and accessories and staffed by a happy, passionate team, Hello Molly is one of Australia’s most successful online boutiques.

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