Retargeting on mobile

Mobile is by far the reigning queen of screens. Your customers take their mobile devices everywhere and use them to buy everything from sunglasses to software. The opportunity is calling to reach customers on their mobile devices.

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Connection in a cross-device world

Don’t just wait for customers to come to you, retarget high-intent desktop website visitors on their mobile devices as they browse the web.

Maxing out the mobile web

Increase conversions and web traffic by retargeting ads wherever your on-the-go customers go on the mobile web.

Marketing mobile apps

Whet your customers’ appetites for your products by serving up app install ads. Keep your brand top of mind and increase customer lifetime value.

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How does mobile retargeting work?

  • collect data

    1. We collect anonymous data of a specific user on your site

  • audience segmentation

    2. We segment users based on their user attributes

  • mobile web retargeting

    3. User visits your mobile site to complete purchase

AdRoll is the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platform.

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