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AdRoll API Services


Provides most of the functionality found in the AdRoll dashboard. You can manage campaigns, advertisements, pixels, and more.

AdRoll Reporting API 
(Most Popular)

Provides data in order to generate the reports you need. Reports include data on segments, deliveries, and more.

Audience API

Creates and updates customer relationship management (CRM) segments.

AdRoll SQL

Sends your AdRoll performance (impressions, clicks, conversions, etc.) into a database that you host. You can include this data as part of your ETL.

AdRoll Automated Campaigns

Set up the full-funnel performance marketing of multiple APIs in a single API call. Launch multiple campaigns across various products.

AdRoll Email

Create, manage and update Email campaigns using the creative from your facebook ads. Provides Email functionality found in the AdRoll dashboard.

AdRoll Prospecting

Create, manage and update Prospecting campaigns. Create and manage Prospecting campaigns via API en masse

Common use cases

Make your data actionable

  • Retrieve data

    With AdRoll’s CRUD and Reporting API, retrieve campaign and granular attribution data (deliveries by site, ad impressions and clicks, segment sizes, etc.). You can retrieve data with CSV, JSON, or AdRoll SQL.

  • Create custom reports

    With AdRoll’s Audience and Reporting API, create a custom analysis or complement your existing reports.

Maximize Efficiency

  • Automate tasks

    With AdRoll’s Audience API, automate recurring tasks by adding new emails to your CRM segment.

  • Onboard seamlessly

    With AdRoll’s CRUD API, easily set up multiple campaigns and ads. You can manually create campaigns and ads—or automate their creation.

Grow your business

  • Scale effortlessly

    With AdRoll’s CRUD API, retrieve your AdRoll pixels and place them across various websites.

  • Leverage your existing campaigns

    With AdRoll’s CRUD API, automatically import any previous campaign data and start targeting your customers with AdRoll today.

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