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Consumers average 56 touchpoints before they buy.* Understand what marketing channels drive the most sales with the best e-commerce marketing tools for attribution.

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Here’s how AdRoll helps you with marketing attribution

Know how your marketing works together

Ever wonder which combination of marketing activities leads to the biggest sales? We make it easy to see the most common paths to purchase and the time it takes to complete the journey.

Accelerate the time from browse to buy

Having all your AdRoll campaign information at your fingertips—including ad views, top ads, and the best audiences—you can quickly adjust to increase sales with our ad management software.

Change the rules for how you measure

Last-click attribution isn’t for everyone. AdRoll makes it easy to explore other rule-based attribution models and pinpoint the hidden opportunities in your marketing.

*Cisco, 2018

With AdRoll’s attribution dashboard, we’re getting a complete picture of what’s working in a way that my clients can understand. I recommend every e-commerce store get this level of visibility.

Dan Scala



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