AdRoll for Finance

“The technology works hard to target the right customer when it matters. The AdRoll team is always proactive and focused on what makes sense for growing our business and our customer funnel. Not just a one size fits all solution."

Sr. Director of Acquisition Marketing, Kabbage


Put your data to work

Leverage your anonymized customer intent data to deliver ads intelligently to win more customers

Drive more conversions at lower cost

Run high-performing social campaigns that perfectly compliment your web strategy, from one unified platform

Consumer Trust

Work with a company that cares about data security. AdRoll participates in the leading digital responsibility organizations and is compliant with Privacy of Consumer Financial Information.


The AdRoll Advantage

Performance bidding technology

Place your ads in the right places for the right price with BidIQ™, our proprietary real-time bidding algorithm.

Full-funnel retargeting

From awareness to conversion, engage site visitors with the right ads to capitalize on the entire customer lifecycle.

CRM data onboarding

Run retargeting campaigns based on offline purchase behavior, customer lifetime value, or any other CRM-based attribute.

Advanced audience segmentation

Personalize engagement with targeted ads based on the unique actions an individual user took on your site.

Cross-device reach

Keep up with your audiences as they switch between desktops, tablets, and mobile phones to increase conversions.

Transparent results

Access real-time, transparent reporting to better understand how your campaigns are performing and how to improve them.

AdRoll is the most widely used prospecting and retargeting platform.

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