Welcoming, fun, and collaborative

It’s no accident we’re one the best companies to work for in the Bay Area.

Aaron Bell

CPO, Founder

Toby Gabriner


Peter Krivkovich

CFO/COO, Founding Team

Valentino Volonghi

CTO, Founding Team

Suresh Khanna


Amy LeBold

VP, Human Resources and Recruiting

Greg Fulton

VP, Product

Patrick Mee

VP, Engineering

Stephanie King

General Counsel

Board and Advisors

Sean Dempsey

Board Member
Co-founder, Merus Capital

Jared Kopf

Board Member
Founder, AdRoll

Charles Moldow

Board Member
General Partner, Foundation Capital

Adam Berke

Strategic Advisor, AdRoll Founding Team

Eric Liaw

Board Observer, General Partner, IVP

Caroline Tsay

CEO & Co-Founder, Compute Software

Peter Cheng

Strategic Advisor, Former Tencent GM and AdChina COO