The Spring 2021 cohort begins March 15th. Get ready by connecting in the GGC community Slack group!

The E-commerce Marketing Method

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Spring 2021 Program Overview

Weeks 1-2

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing tactics that keep your brand top-of-mind and drive conversions
  • Ways to automate key lifecycle touchpoints that deepen customer relationships and save you time
  • Approaches for effective audience segmentation to create automated, yet personalized, customer experiences
Weeks 3-4

Content and Community Marketing

  • Tactics to create scalable engaging content across multiple marketing channels that build community and demand
  • Ad content and copywriting skills, best-practices, and cheat codes that lead to increased clicks and conversions
  • Guidance on how to develop an engaged community of your ideal customers around your brand
Weeks 5-6

SEO and Website Optimization

  • Templates that will help you conduct a website audit and identify places on your site where you can improve your customer’s experience
  • Strategies to increase SEO performance and success so that you’re getting more organic traffic to your online store
  • Offsite improvement ideas and best practices you can do to improve SEO results

Welcome Back 🌟

It’s a sincere pleasure to have you join this e-commerce community program.

The details for the virtual workshop events will be announced here one week before the program kicks off, and the community-only resources will go live on this page March 15th.

Additional Resources

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