Event Date: January 5th, 11AM PST
Host(s): AdRoll Head of Industry, Zephan Fischl

Keeping the Lights On: How to Run Successful Post-Holiday Campaigns

Marketers who aren’t looking beyond November and December for their holiday campaigns may be missing a huge opportunity to continue driving sales in the new year. With CPMs dropping to year-long lows, there’s no better time than after the holidays to capture the attention of customers.

Join AdRoll Head of Industry, Zephan Fischl, and a panel of digital marketing experts across the retail industry as they discuss the importance of keeping holiday campaigns running well into the new year.

Join our webinar on January 5th, 2017 at 2pm EST/11am PST. Highlights include:

  • Crucial tips for creating successful holiday and post-holiday campaigns
  • Evaluating the right metrics to gauge the success of your campaigns
  • Budget recommendations for post-holiday campaigns