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AdRoll Convert is one of our best performing channels in regards to ROI, visibility and reach across networks and markets."

Matias Vahtola, Marketing Director, Zervant

Scale and support: all-in-one retargeting pays off

Fintech startup Zervant had tried retargeting with some success. But their retargeting platforms weren’t giving them what they needed—a reputable programmatic partner that could help them scale internationally.

The widest reach yields the greatest gains

Zervant had cut their teeth retargeting on simple setups, so they believed in its potential. However, they needed a retargeting platform with more scale and reach in order to expand internationally.

After initiating their AdRoll campaigns, they got just that.

“We started receiving a lot of feedback from the market that people were seeing our ads on relevant websites,” says Zervant marketing director Matias Vahtola. “Potential customers are remembering and talking more about us—AdRoll has proven to be a key tool for us to increase awareness and stay top of mind with international audiences.”

Solid support accounts for performance

AdRoll has now become one of the best-performing channels for Zervant. A big part of their success? The support they receive from their personal AdRoll account manager—at no extra charge.

With past platforms, the fintech startup had to manage campaigns by themselves. This ended up taking a lot of time, as they had little guidance on best practices. But with AdRoll, an account manager partners with the Zervant team in order to maximize results and save them time and resources.

“It requires very little for us to use AdRoll, as we get comprehensive support with campaign creation and optimisation,” says Vahtola. “This ensures that it’s easy to get up and running on the platform, and we keep getting strong results due to continuous optimisations and guidance.”

About Zervant

Zervant is a fintech company that makes running a small business as simple as possible with intuitive invoicing software. Based in Finland, Zervant serves over 100 thousand users in 160 countries.