Case Study | Industry: B2C

Products Used: AdRoll Prospecting


Cost per engaged visitor


Engaged new visitors


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Retargeting ROI increase

We use AdRoll because of their savviness, expertise, performance, and transparency. They really are a full package.

—e-business manager

Building an e-commerce business with AdRoll

After becoming a purely online brand in the US, a large beauty retailer worked with AdRoll to maintain awareness and motivate new potential customers to purchase beauty products online.

Growing an online presence with Prospecting

Looking for new ways to drive customer acquisition, our client found AdRoll Prospecting to be an innovative product. Leveraging current customers’ online shopping behavior to find similarly behaving potential customers has driven a qualified audience to their website to engage with their content before making a purchase. The brand’s e-business manager explains, “We are an e-commerce company, so ultimately we care about driving sales, but it starts with understanding the customer’s buying process. We look at how well our content performs based on how long people stay on the site. Are they more engaged? Are they returning to the site for more? With Prospecting, the engagement results speak for themselves.”

Partner für den Erfolg

Since beginning Prospecting, the client has seen improved performance at the bottom of the funnel, with a 56% increase in ROI in their Retargeting campaigns. As key performance indicators vary based on the goals of their campaigns, the brand team relies on the expertise of their AdRoll account manager to make the best decisions to drive performance. According to the e-business manager, “Working with AdRoll makes our jobs much easier, as the account management team reaches out proactively to make strategic suggestions based on what is and is not working. I am usually more than happy to say 'Go for it.' Our relationship has evolved over time, and AdRoll has become a trusted partner.”

AdRoll ist die meistgenutzte Plattform für Neukundengewinnung und Retargeting.

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