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How Echo Club House Scored Dedicated Fans

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Echo Club House is first and foremost a boutique fashion brand. From plaid mini skirts to glittery jelly sandals, each item is bold and retro. We spoke to Club President Michelle Harpin about how the store uses platforms like AdRoll and Shopify to stay customer-centric and fashion-forward, even with a lean team of two people.

A Store Is Born — From Inspiration, Not Revenue

Echo Club House began when another store shut down. As soon as the first clothing business Michelle was involved in closed, she saw an opportunity in the market for a new store with a fresh concept. “I wanted to create a fun place with excellent customer service for girls to shop, where they could find unique pieces and wardrobe staples at an affordable price,” says Michelle.

A key differentiator Michelle found was to stay idealistic and focused on the fashion and customer experience. According to Michelle, “A lot of people in this business measure success based on profits, but we are driven by happy customers who feel confident and inspired by what they get from our site. Sadly, that is not often the case for many e-retailers. I feel like customers can sense that.”

Dedicated Fan Base, One Lean Team

Echo Club House’s unique style struck a chord with young women and girls. Building up their Instagram presence got them hundreds of new followers, who model their clothes and spread the word with the hashtag #echobabe. The store’s careful selection fits the mobile shopping appetite. As Michelle explains, “These days, with a lot of young people shopping on phones, I think it is important to have a more distinct voice. A smaller selection that speaks to our #echobabes is important in making the online shopping experience easy and fun, instead of tiring.”

That means a large part of Michelle and her co-owner’s time is spent on the creative challenge of keeping their clothing inventory exciting and different. “We don’t want to look like anyone else, and neither do our customers,” she says. Most of her job—and the most fun part—is to find fabrics and vendors in unexpected places, creating pieces customers won’t find at bigger department stores.

Limited Budget, Big Gains In ROI

On a small team of two, each person has many responsibilities and not much time to spare. Echo Club House used platforms like AdRoll and Shopify to save time while growing its customer base. The team easily built their website with Shopify and used AdRoll to engage visitors who had previously expressed interest in the store’s products. These tools were instrumental in propelling the e-commerce boutique forward. As Michelle says, “You can’t put a price on efficiency when you run an online store!”

With a campaign average of nearly 5x return on investment (ROI), Echo Club House made big gains with a limited budget. “As a small, growing company, taking risks with advertising is scary. We don’t have a ton of money to spend on getting our name out there to find our girls, but AdRoll has proven to be an effective way to keep the conversation going with our customers once they find us,” says Michelle.

Tips for entrepreneurs, from Echo Club House:

  • Stay idealistic, and focus on inspiring your customers. Customers can sense when a business only cares about driving profits.
  • Use AdRoll Convert for cost-effective outreach. AdRoll campaigns on the web and Facebook keep you in touch with your site visitors.
  • Keep on top of your campaign performance. Track ROI for your AdRoll campaigns in the campaign dashboard.

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