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How AdRoll Convert Can Retarget Potential Customers

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Want to get more new customers and keep them coming back? AdRoll Convert can help you to reconnect with the people most interested in what you offer. So how does it work? Just add a little code to your site and open up a world of possibility to create repeat customers. AdRoll Convert learns the best time to serve ads across the web, social, and email to create dedicated brand loyalists.

Use AdRoll Convert to:

  • Bring back visitors who didn't convert
  • Run promotions
  • Let existing customers know what's new
  • Grow brand awareness

How It Works

It all starts with a cookie. Think of a website that you have an account with — for example, AdRoll. Have you ever noticed that once you’ve signed in, you don’t have to sign in again the next time you visit on that same browser? That's all thanks to the magic of cookies: tiny data packets stored in your browser that turn the Internet into your Internet.

That’s how retargeting works. When someone visits your website, your AdRoll Pixel places a cookie in their browser. As long as that cookie remains in their browser, we’ll recognize that they’ve been to your website and help you reconnect.

Where Your Ads Appear

You decide where you want to serve your ads: on the General Web, Facebook, or Email. Learn more about our bidding technology: BidIQ.

Getting Retargeted By Your Own Ads

If you want to get retargeted by your own ads to see them in action, check out these tips.

Most advertisers prefer to save their ads for their potential customers. Learn more about IP address exclusion to limit who sees your ads.

To find out more about how AdRoll Convert can help you request a demo today.

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