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How AdRoll Attract Can Help Find the Best Customers

Want to make a great first impression and get new customers? AdRoll Attract could be just the thing you need. With AdRoll Attract you can serve ads to new audiences that act like your best customers. You also get access over 1.2 billion digital profiles in AdRoll's unique data pool to find the people most likely to become customers.

How It works

Connect your customer data and our technology goes to work. We find users who behave like your customers but haven't visited your site. AdRoll Attract then brings these new, high-intent audiences to your site by targeting them across the web and social. In addition, we can allocate your budget to find new customers on Facebook and leverage your website's customer data to find people who act like your current customers.


In order to run an AdRoll Attract campaign, you need to opt in to our data co-op. Opting in allows us to learn from your online customers and identify the best possible users to target from our data set. We never transfer cookies from one advertiser to another. Additionally, we do not allow other advertisers to target your audience.

For Smaller Websites

If you have small website or low site traffic, you can still run AdRoll Attract campaigns. What's important is that we have enough information about your high-intent visitors. Your AdRoll Convert campaign provides the insight we need to build a strong audience. We recommend having at least 1,000 users cookied in your audience before you run an AdRoll Attract campaign.

What to Expect

AdRoll Attract campaigns target people who haven’t been to your site and likely are unfamiliar with your brand. These campaigns typically drive fewer direct (last-touch) conversions than retargeting campaigns. However, direct conversions are only part of the attribution story. We’ve introduced some new metrics into our reporting to help you evaluate the value of your campaigns.

Why not get started today and find more customers for your business?

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