Luring Customers with Marketing Bait: Hawaii Shark Encounters' Success Story

April 22, 2019 Giulianno Lopez



Hawaii Shark Encounters is on a mission to educate the public on the importance of sharks to the ocean’s ecosystem. They partnered with AdRoll to use video ads to tell their story. Learn about the successful strategy they implemented below. 

Use Case 
Hawaii Shark Encounters was in search of an interactive solution that would boost engagement and optimize their digital marketing budget.
Reeling in interested tourists
Many brands cast a wide net to find more customers, but what they often don't realize is that identifying and targeting site visitors who are the most likely to convert can provide more fruitful results. For Hawaii Shark Encounters’ CEO and founder, Steve Jordan, this meant targeting audiences who have been planning their Hawaiian vacations: “I’ve looked into marketing to people who are researching before they get here. I save on unwanted costs if they book directly with us,” Jordan says.
With the help of AdRoll video ads and retargeting, Jordan kept Hawaii Shark Encounters top-of-mind with incoming travelers while bringing down costs. Since incorporating this ad type in his marketing mix, Jordan has seen a 69% lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM), a 66.8% lower cost per acquisition (CPA), and a 3.4x ROI. It’s drastically impacted his marketing strategy: “AdRoll has turned digital into our most effective marketing channel. Because of this, I’ve moved 70% of our print budget to online advertising,” Jordan says.
Turning the tide of conventional wisdom
In addition to targeting travelers planning their trips, Jordan and his team had another challenge to face—they needed to educate customers on the benefits of sharks. 
“Our main goal is to break the mold that’s been perpetuated by the media and movies, like Jaws and The Meg, and have people realize their importance,” Jordan says.
AdRoll was there to help bring context to this plight. With the use of video, Jordan told a more complete and engaging brand story. “I’ve been able to utilize video to get my message out there and help change people’s mind. It’s all been worth it,” Jordan says.
About Hawaii Shark Encounters
Hawaii Shark Encounters is an experiential-based company that provides an interactive experience and a safe environment to learn about sharks. By presenting them in a new light, they bring our culture out of the “Jaws” mindset and into reality supported by facts and a close encounter.

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