3 Ways Apparel Retailers Use AdRoll to Speed Up Growth

June 6, 2019 Giulianno Lopez

Growing an apparel business has plenty of challenges, though you shouldn't let online advertising be one of them. As an ambitious retail brand, you have the product, the business plan, and the gumption to see your company become a household name. How do you get your message out to your ideal audience to turn those into growth? What happens if you have to scrap your original promotion plan and create something on the fly?

Ambitious retailers using AdRoll have the competitive advantage of advanced tools to reach customers in the right place at the right time, be agile with their digital marketing strategies, and ultimately increase their revenue and fuel their growth.

Here are just three ways AdRoll is accelerating growth for its apparel and retail customers.

1. Targeting the Right Customers at the Right Time

AdRoll provided a one-stop platform to reach each type of customer for TeePublic, which wanted to get its message in front of independent artists as well as customers who appreciate unique designs. Independent artists want a place where they can sell their designs and retain rights, while those buying clothing want to find unique, casual apparel that supports independent artists in the process. Advanced segmentation technology let the company target certain users at one frequency and budget and another set of users with a different frequency and budget. The result? TeePublic doubled its revenue.

2. Advanced Analytics to Target the Right Audience

Retailer Claudio Lugli wanted to cut through the noise in the market to introduce its unique apparel that let its customers express themselves through clothing. There is only a limited number of each shirt pattern, ensuring that its customers have outfits as unique as they are. By using AdRoll’s advanced analytics capabilities, Claudio Lugli could find potential customers who visited the same sites and exhibited other similar behaviors as the retailer’s ideal customers. Claudio Lugli used this information to target customers across desktop and mobile platforms. On its first campaign alone using the AdRoll platform, the campaign resulted in a 27x ROI.

3. Marketing with Agility

What do you do when you have to scrap an entire Cyber Monday promotion and start from scratch? For apparel and backpack retailer Topo Designs, that meant turning to AdRoll. The company quickly pivoted its strategy and worked with AdRoll to deliver their holiday messaging to its ideal audience across a wide swath of networks. When Topo Designs measured the impact of AdRoll on its marketing, it found that its AdRoll-powered Cyber Monday promo led to its single best day of online sales to date.

What these apparel brands—and others—have learned is that AdRoll has everything they need for their ambitious growth plans. AdRoll provides the insight to find the right audience, the reach to deliver the right message to desktop and mobile users, leveraging an ecosystem of 500 partners, and analytics tools to guide key decisions, like when to ramp up spending to specific audiences. All of this means more quality traffic, more sales, and more meaningful connections with customers. Don't just take our word for it—see what our apparel customers have to say for themselves:

Are you an ambitious apparel brand? Find out more about what AdRoll can do for you here.

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