We’ve successfully (almost) survived February — corporate America’s month of choice to shower you with everything pink, floral, and chocolatey, while reminding you of your relationship status…or lack thereof. Whether you’re thrilled about your fiery romance or mourning ghosts of dating’s past (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), we’re excited to announce a relationship builder that doesn’t include awkward small talk over tequila sodas: introducing Brand Match, powered by AdRoll.

Two Is Better Than One

Dating and relationships come with many questions: What does each person want? What are their interests? And, in the world of marketing, where do these people hang out and how can I get my message to them without coming off too strong? When brands can identify common answers to any of these questions, there’s a major opportunity to pair up, co-market an event, idea, or product, and bring home the revenue. Given many underdog, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands only offer one or a few products, these partnerships enable them to get in front of an entirely new audience without having to launch or expand into new product lines.

For example, Calm and Gravity Blanket matched up to bring you a sleep mask that battles anxiety. Brooklinen created an online marketplace to make accessorizing your dream bedroom easier, and beauty behemoth Glossier made their products more accessible by popping up in Nordstrom stores.

While the success partnerships can bring is likely not news to you, the act of actually finding like-minded brands to work with can be daunting — which is exactly why we created Brand Match. We’ve done the hard work for you by creating a directory of hot D2C brands that you can explore as potential partners – essentially connecting you with like-minded companies to help you grow your own brand (and ultimately the D2C community). By aggregating and regularly adding new brands to work with, we’ve created a place where brands can discover and explore matching up on marketing efforts together, in one unified place. Brand Match levels the playing field for D2C brands and makes it easy for brands of all shapes and sizes to find partners and grow their network (regardless of budget!).

Getting Started

Getting started on Brand Match is super easy. Simply click here and answer a few quick questions about you and your brand – such as social media links, ideal audience, past partnership experience, and types of companies you’d like to work with. You’ve then applied to enter our system, and our team will verify your data and upload you into our Brand Match directory. From there, you can browse through our brand categories and industries (such as art, home and garden, music, sports, and more), click on a brand that looks interesting, and send them a Request to Partner. That’s it!

You may already see your brand in our directory (because we ❤️ you and want to make this as seamless as possible). If that’s the case, you can simply claim your brand by sharing a few quick details about your brand (same ones as when you sign up!) and get started on building your partnerships. 

Not sure if you want to enter just yet? No problem – you can peruse all the brands in our database across a number of industries here.

Ready to Make the First Move?

In case you need some inspiration to make the first move, we’ve listed out ways to partner to help get the conversation going (basically Hinge profile prompts — but for your brand), as well as an FAQ page to answer any burning questions you may have about the matching process. While you wait to get your matches, we also recommend joining our Growth Guerilla Collective community to instantly begin connecting with other D2C marketers over Slack and through local events. 

So while we may not be able to surprise you at work with red roses, we’re excited to play matchmaker for you — helping match you with the (brand) partner of your (business) dreams. We invite you to be one of the founding members of our program and test out the beta for yourself. Happy matching!

Meredith Klee

Meredith is the Head of Communications for AdRoll. A storyteller by nature, she’s responsible for crafting and driving the AdRoll narrative forward through interesting stories about customers, products, and the team. Prior to AdRoll, she was a Vice President at a PR agency in San Francisco.