Retargeting on Twitter

Retargeting on Twitter with Tailored Audiences

You can target your AdRoll segments with sponsored content on Twitter.

retargeting on twitter

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AdRoll Benefits
retargeting roi

Unparalleled ROI

Maximize return on investment from retargeting campaigns with advanced targeting and performance optimization techniques.

cross platform retargeting

Easily buy across platforms

Easily manage campaigns across leading display platfroms and exchances like Facebook, Google and AppNexus, all from one integrated retargeting solution.

cross device retargeting

Cross-device reach

Expand your campaign across desktop and mobile with retargeting for Facebook, Twitter, and mobile web.

retargeting campaign reporting

Transparent Results

Get complete pricing and reporting transparency for your campaigns.

retargeting customer support

Experienced Support

Maximize results with support from one of the industry’s most experience retargeting teams.

"As early adopters and forward thinking digital marketers, we're eager to partner with AdRoll to take advantage of this enhancement to Twitter's advertising ecosystem, which will give us broader reach to high-value customers and purchase influencers."

— Ryan Bonifacino, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Alex and Ani